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Task Management Software

Mobile Store Audits + Task Management

Achieving consistent execution on key standards and initiatives is a challenge for any multi-location operator. Checklists are a go-to tool for documenting performance and identifying issues at location level.

But checklists are only valuable as a single-day snapshot of a single location’s performance—unless they are compiled into reports that can drive long-term business growth. 

So how can Taskle help?

Taskle is a completely customizable, adaptable task management software that allows you to transform your paper checklists into task boards

Task Management

Create recurring or one-time tasks for your staff to complete during store audits or day-to-day activities via smartphone or tablet


Taskle tracks data and converts it into actionable reports

Take Action

Make better business decisions and grow your company

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  • Usability

    Programs that aren't intuitive don’t get used— that's why Taskle is built with a focus on user experience. The intuitive design allows your entire team to be trained on the program in 30 minutes or less, whether you’re the person building the task, completing it, viewing the reports, or all the above.

  • Task Builder & User Roles

    Building tasks is easy through our four-step task builder. Simply choose what question to ask; how often it should be asked; if it applies to all locations or some; and add any follow up questions needed (including photos). User roles allow you to control who has access to what in Taskle. Users can be assigned to locations, task boards, and departments. Users that share access to a task board are able can work collaboratively to get tasks done and avoid inefficient labor.

  • Chain Logic

    Depending on whether a task is passed or failed, you’ll want to ask specific follow up questions. Chain logic allows you to only ask questions pertinent to store conditions and avoid wasted time answering unnecessary questions.

  • Photo Submission & Photo Examples

    Photo submissions serve visual evidence to confirm a task was executed properly. You can also help your team achieve accuracy by providing photo examples of what the finished task should look like.

  • Reporting

    Taskle's reporting suite allows you to easily view trends and access data across time and locations. Reports allow you to view a location’s performance over time, compare locations to one another, identify company-wide issues, and much more. The entirety of checklist data works together to help your management team identify the largest pain points and opportunities. 

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