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Expiration Date Management for Healthcare

Stop Hospital Supply Waste BEFORE it Happens

Date Check Pro for Healthcare is the premier solution for medical expiration date management. Our intuitive interface provides real-time inventory updates, detailed quality reports, and yields high employee adoption rates. Let our expiration date management software optimize ordering and labor efficiencies, eliminate supply waste, and most importantly, ensure the safety of your patients.

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  • Improve Quality

    Establish employee accountability to ensure  current supplies shelves are stocked.

  • Optimize Decision Making

    Date Check Pro Healthcare provides employees the best action to take during an inventory check—allowing your recovery process to stay consistent and effective.

  • Reduce OOS Situations

    Receive notifications when important supplies and equipment are about to go out of stock to ensure patients are getting the care they need, when they need it.

  • Reduce Labor Hours

    Prioritize closest expiration date to save the date checker time—and save you money.

  • Eliminate Obsolete SKUs

    Minimize inventory holding costs by analyzing reports that can help you identify high-loss inventory.


  • Spot Checker

    Eliminate random spot checks. Get on top of manage expiration dates with item-specific lists of expired and close dated products, broken down by location. Quickly identify about-to-expire supplies and equipment to ensure use prior to expiration.

  • Smart Recovery

    Tap into historical usage and expiration data to determine the best action for close dated products.  Date Check Pro Healthcare prompts the date checker to follow your organization’s specific recovery process, including vendor trade or credit procedures. 

  • Closed Loop Process

    Our focus is always the next closest date expiring on the shelf rather than every date for every item. That means no labor wasted checking every item, every time. 

  • Full Management Option

    Reap the savings from expiration date management without any of the day-to-day work. Our full-service team manages everything from install to regular date checking—leaving your staff to focus on higher-priority tasks.

Ready to level up your quality game and stop losing money to expired shrink?

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